Nicolas Bougaïeff - Cognitive Resonance

Nicolas Bougaïeff presents his new EP on NovaMute. NovaMute’s first release since MOTOR (Bryan Black and Oly Grasset) over ten years ago..

As a producer he harbours a diverse musical background, having studied in a conservatoire setting whilst foraying into anti-authoritarian rave culture. He is also a respected lecturer, regularly teaching masterclasses in composition and speaking at global events such as Mutek and Ableton Loop - the results of which come to life in the inquisitive spirit of his productions. 

‘Cognitive Resonance’ explores elements of psytrance, gabber and techno through a compositional lens, drawing on the artist’s love for avant-garde forms and long-standing relationship with the electronic music community. 

The title track lays out long, expansive phrases and warped crescendos to create a disorienting structure, whilst distant harmonies, distorted kick drums and shattering effects merge into a hypnotic form on ‘Truthful Hyperbole’. Lastly, ‘Fake News’ mangles our sense of rhythmic familiarity, disrupting the 4/4 beat with a complex metre and sinister melody.