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Nicolas Bougaïeff

As a producer, Nicolas Bougaïeff harbours a diverse musical background, having studied in a conservatoire setting whilst foraying into anti-authoritarian rave culture. He is also a respected lecturer, regularly teaching masterclasses in composition and speaking at global events such as Mutek and Ableton Loop - the results of which come to life in the inquisitive spirit of his productions.

His first release on NovaMute, ‘Cognative Resonance’ from 2017 was NovaMute’s first release since MOTOR (Bryan Black and Oly Grasset) over ten years ago. Since this EP, Bougaïeff has released ‘Permutation Djinn’ and ‘On The Grid’ which are both part of a triptych of EP’s inspired by Greg Egan’s sci-fi novel ‘Permutation City’.

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Permutation Djinn EP

Permutation Djinn EP


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