Nicolas Bougaïeff - On The Grid


Nicolas Bougaïeff presents a new four track EP On The Grid. Released 21st June 2019, this is the final instalment in a series of EPs inspired by Greg Egan's sci-fi novel Permutation City (1994).

In Egan's far-future world, mankind has the option to upload their consciousness onto computers. On The Grid is focused on the evolution of a character that makes radical alterations to his identity by sculpting his own memories. Bougaïeff delivers four club friendly tracks inspired by this transformation as the character observes, confronts, rejects and finally escapes the dystopian scenario.

Opening track 'Eden Configuration' combines a monolithic synth line with propulsive bass grooves. 'Rip Tie Cut Toy Man' introduces a furtive synth melody tucked beneath rhythmic rumbles. Bougaïeff's voice is featured for the first time on the stripped back title track 'On The Grid', a playful alternative to dark dystopia. The result is a fast and upbeat cut, reminiscent of 90s minimal yet delivered with punchy modern production. Closer 'Skyscraper Model' features a fluid acid line amidst reverberating warehouse beats, providing a sense of energetic resolution. 

The first EP in the triptych, Dust, was released in 2018 on Max Cooper’s Mesh label and was followed by Permutation Djinn on NovaMute later that year.

Tracklist :

1. Woke Up As A Copy

2. Panic Time Tryout

3. Little Djinn

4. No Escape